As a truck driver, you spend countless hours on the road behind the wheel. It makes perfect sense to want to update your semi-truck with the right interior semi-truck accessories rather than having to buy a brand new truck.


Between the long hours driving, sleeping, eating, and finding time to stay in contact with family and friends, you spend a huge amount of time in your truck cab. You should determine what accessories for semi-truck drivers could make your life easier and more comfortable—like these:


Truck Mattresses

Get a good night’s sleep with a new, thick, plush, and comfortable truck mattress. There are plenty of sizes and styles to choose from, including InnerSpace Luxury Series mattress and Bostrom + Serta Series mattresses. Being well rested helps ensure you won’t drive drowsy.




Among all the interior semi-truck accessories we supply, mattresses afford the most in terms of health and safety. They’re available in numerous sizes and thicknesses. These ergonomic mattresses also feature fire-resistant barriers, removable/washable straps, and carry straps. Some even have a dual-side design for added convenience.


Truck Seat Upholstery Cushion Covers

If your truck seats are looking a little worn but still have some life left in them, new upholstery cushion covers can bring added comfort and back support and give your seats a new look. There is a wide variety of sizes and colors, so it is easy to find the right ones to fit your truck seats.


Our seat cushion covers are easy to install and include coverings for seat bottoms, high-back seats, and upholstery kits. Seat covers can protect the underlying material from damage. The result is a well-maintained, longer-lasting truck seat that you don’t have to replace as often. We have solutions from Bostrom, ISRI, National, and other leading brands.


Custom Truck Seats

If your truck seats are no longer comfortable, you may want to look at replacing them with brand new custom truck seats. Customization allows you to choose the features and options you want the most in your seat. For instance, you may want leather heated and ventilated (cooled) seats with lower back lumbar support, massage features, and dual rest arms.


truck interior with black seats and wall mounted monitor


Some models are available in high-, mid-, or low-back configurations, such as the National Easy Aire Truck Seat, while a choice of suspension options may be provided as well. The Knoedler Air Chief can be customized with dual adjustable armrests, a multi-chamber air-lumbar support system, heating and cooling, or driver or passenger side controls. These and other custom solutions ensure you have truck seating that meets your needs.


Retro-Fit Seat Heaters

If you dislike waking up to cold seats in the winter and are not ready to replace your truck seats, you can add luxury seat heaters to your existing seats. These interior semi-truck accessories are compatible with just about any truck seat.


Our retrofit kit features a high- and low-temperature switch and a one-hour timer. The heating elements have a peel-and-stick design to fit below the seat cover, while all hardware is safely tucked inside, including the fuse and wiring harness. Better yet, our seat heaters are compatible with almost every truck seat we carry.


Laptop Mounts

Suburban Seating & Safety supplies RAM – No Drill™ laptop mounts for Class 8 trucks, econoline vans, the Chevrolet Express Van, and Dodge Grand Caravan and other vehicles. They provide a secure, hands-free solution like our cell phone holders. Round, square, and flat mounting bases are also available, as are tele-poles, mount knobs, and a universal double ball mount.


Laptop mounts should be among your interior semi-truck accessories if you take your computer with you on the road. Once you’re parked, you can safely log on. Your laptop will be protected against shock and vibration and be positioned in any way you want.


Document Holders

Our cell phone pocket can come in very handy. It can be mounted anywhere using four corner grommets and is extremely durable, thanks to Cordura fabric. However, not everything is electronic, even in today’s digital world. The 10.75″ x 7.5″ document holder can safely store registration and insurance cards, packing slips, accident forms, and other documentation. It’s also quite durable, with 20-gauge clear vinyl and Velcro closures.


Straps and Cords

Having versatile stretchable tie-downs is essential if you take backpacks, bicycles, and other cargo and truck interior accessories along for the ride. Our catalog includes the ROK Strap 36″ Handcart Securing Strap, ROK Strap Sport Stretch Strap Universal Bungee Cord that’s adjustable from 16″ to 72″, and several other solutions. Large items can easily come loose and move around while on the road. Heavy-duty straps keep you safe and protect any cargo you store on board.


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Suburban Seating & Safety now has these interior semi-truck accessories, as well as USB chargers, seat slide rail sets, headset hooks, seat swivels, dash mounts, smartphone backup battery power banks, and many more. All are designed to improve convenience, functionality, and safety during and in between trips.


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