It’s no secret that veterans are an underemployed workforce. Many employers only seem to see what the veterans were focused on when they served in the military, regardless of all of the other skills they have. Thankfully, the trucking industry offers what may be the perfect fit for those who just want to come home and get back to a normal way of life. Not only do these positions fit returning vets perfectly, but many companies are going out of their way to let servicemen and women know just how valuable their skills are.


Dedicated Employees

The military puts a lot of focus on things like honor, loyalty, dedication, and self-discipline. Those who have served know that it takes a can-do attitude to make it in this world, and many trucking companies know it. That’s because employers know every employee is a representative of the company, and they know that those who have served are able to act like professionals and do the jobs they are hired to do.

Veteran Programs

In many cases, things like GI Bills don’t get used, because employers don’t know how to help employees put them to use. Some companies today now have departments that are specifically created for vets so that they can get the most use of their benefits and also develop a solid career path.


Military personnel have skills that are difficult to develop if you haven’t served in the armed forces. These individuals often know how to operate heavy equipment, but they also know how to make important decisions on the go. Some of those decisions can have a significant impact on the lives of the people around them. When you only have a few seconds to make a choice like that, experience is the best educator.

For veterans who are looking for jobs, and who may not want to be put in a setting where they are surrounded by endless chit-chat and gossip, trucking may be the best choice. This field allows veterans to put their skills to use, but also gives them time to reflect away from the constant buzz that they might find in another work setting.

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