In a previous blog segment we discussed career options and communication tips for truckers in committed relationships. In this blog segment we will look at other things you and your partner and family can do to ensure you have a strong relationship even while you are away from home.


Maintaining a Relationship While Traveling


  1. Schedule activities you can both do while away from home. Finding similar interests is essential to a strong relationship. Pick a book, TV series, or other activities you can both do while you are away to help stimulate conversation and give each of you something to talk about that is not related to bills or household chores.
  2. Learn to recognize each other’s strengths. You may be the primary income earner, but your at-home partner might feel jealous because you are getting to see the country, while they are stuck at home. Remind them of their ability to maintain the home and their own strengths, and how the strength of each of you complements your relationship.
  3. Develop a “homecoming” schedule. Work with your partner to create a ritual to get reacquainted, like sitting down to a home-cooked family meal, or taking your spouse out for a romantic date night.
  4. Communicate frequently with each other, and pay attention when you talk. Some people find having a set time to call or Skype with each other is beneficial. During this time, eliminate all distractions and focus entirely on the other person. Distractions can make you or your partner feel left out and, in some cases, like you do not care and are just going through the motions.
  5. Express your love in fun and creative ways. Sending a postcard, trinket, or other mementos from your travels lets your loved ones know you care. You could also hide little notes around the house before you leave, or arrange for flowers to be delivered.
  6. Schedule family game nights. If you have children, make a point to schedule a family game night where you can play board games with them over Skype.

Traveling for work does not mean your relationships have to suffer if you remember these tips and suggestions. For all of your truck interior accessories, seat cushions, seat covers, and replacement seats, please call Suburban Seating & Safety at (844) SAS.SEAT (844-727-7328).


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