Trucking industry trends include a wide range of topics from driver demand to advances in technologies. As we are just into 2019, now is a good time to find out what industry experts are anticipating will be some of the top trends for this year.


1. Plenty of Jobs

Driver shortages have started to occur in recent years. The shortages have come about as older drivers retire and there are fewer younger drivers entering this career field. As a result, the demand for drivers continues to be high.


2. Higher Wages

With job shortages, current drivers could notice an increase in their wages as their employers take steps to prevent them from leaving the industry. Higher wages could also help attract more drivers to fill job openings.


Modern cargo trunk truck, electric car


3. ELDs Now Standard

ELDs (electronic logging devices) are not going away. In fact, if you were previously grandfathered by AOBRDs (automatic onboard recording devices), you have until the end of the year to upgrade to ELDs.


4. More Comfortable Seats for Truck Drivers

Expect existing fleets to continue to upgrade to more comfortable seats for truck drivers like heated and ventilated seats. Having better seats helps truck drivers remain more alert and operate their trucks safer.


5. Increased Use in Voice-Activated Driving Assistants

From getting directions to turning headlights and wipers on and off, the use of voice-activated driving assistants in truck cabs will continue to increase. By using voice commands to take care of specific functions, drivers can keep their focus on the road.


6. Improved Advanced Safety Features

Expect to see many of the latest advanced safety features to continue to be adopted into new truck technology systems, from blind spot monitoring to cross traffic alerts and forward crash prevention. Some of these features will even be able to be added to existing fleets, thanks to aftermarket upgrades.


Black truck stopped on highway by automatic braking system


6. Advances in Hybrid/Electric Trucks

Truck manufacturers will continue to make strides in battery- and solar-powered trucks. Demand for hybrid/electric trucks will continue to grow in highly congested and larger cities for local use.


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