Sitting for long hours and driving mile after mile can leave truckers with sore backs and back pain. Sitting for long periods places additional pressure on the lower back and muscles when the trucker is not sitting in the proper position and aligned correctly with the seat, steering wheel, and pedals.


After several hours of driving, one can feel stiffness in their lower back and legs, along with dull pain in the lower back. Over time, the pain and discomfort can get worse, unless better back and truck driver seat support habits are developed.


Truck driver sitting in his truck cabin feeling upset


Tip #1: Invest in the Best Seat for Truck Drivers

Whether you own your own rig or drive for someone else, invest in the best seat for truck drivers that features lumbar support, heat, and massage functions. You could even go all out and get ventilating, too, which is great during the hot summer months to keep you cooler and comfortable.


Tip #2: Maintain the Right Posture

You want to sit in the truck seat so that your back and shoulders are firmly against the seatback. If needed, move the seat forward. You don’t want to lean forward or slump over while driving, as this places strain on the lower back and causes back pain.


Tip #3: Stop Every 2 to 3 hours and Stretch

Adjust your driving habits so you are stopping every two to three hours and taking a break from sitting. Get up, move around, and stretch your entire body. Take a short 10-minute walk to get the blood flowing and loosen up muscles.


Tip #4: Exercise for 30 Minutes Every Day

Get into the habit of doing muscle-building exercises that focus on your core and lower back muscles. Stronger muscles mean better lumbar support and less lower back pain. There are all sorts of exercises you can do while on the road like knees to chest, pelvic lifts, etc.


Tip #5: Eat Healthily and Get Sufficient Sleep

Eating a balanced diet and getting plenty of rest are two great truck driver injury prevention tips that not only help reduce injuries to the back and back pain but also other types of accidents and injuries.


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By using these truck driver seat support and back support tips, you can reduce and even prevent back pain and back injuries. To find the best seat for truck drivers, please feel free to explore our wide selection of truck seats online or contact Suburban Seating & Safety at 844-727-7328 for further assistance today!


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