Pick-up trucks provide drivers with a real sense of safety, thanks to their size, construction, and high seat above other traffic. You can make your truck even safer with aftermarket truck gear designed to enhance vehicle safety.


There are many aftermarket truck accessories on the market, and consumers should do their homework before purchasing products. Checking out a product’s reputation online on review sites can help consumers separate the best from the rest. The following are some of the most helpful types of truck safety accessories available on the market.


  • Seat Belts – If you’re restoring an older truck and need some basic safety gear, three-point safety belts are inexpensive and highly reliable. Three-point belts provide protection for the waist and upper body, making them the superior safety choice.


Seat Belts


  • Cameras – New camera technology makes it easier for motorists to monitor their blind spots on the road and back up safely. If your vehicle didn’t come equipped with cameras, mounting and installing an aftermarket version is fairly easy. One of the better camera products is the Brigade Electronics waterproof camera. The Brigade can handle harsh outdoor conditions, and it also provides superior picture quality.
  • LCD Monitors – LCD monitors allow you to see what your blind spot or rear view camera is capturing. LCD monitors come in several varieties and sizes, and Brigade Electronics offers several reliable and attractive options for truck owners.


LCD Monitors


  • LED Lights – LED lights are brighter and more reliable than standard lights. Truck owners who want to increase their vehicle’s safety by making the truck more visible can install new LED running lights.
  • Heated Mirrors – Heated mirrors come in handy on mornings when conditions may have them fogged up or frozen over. Installing a new heated mirror is relatively easy, and you can find great products from the Aero series, which include a unique rotating head that can turn 360 degrees.


Suburban Seating & Safety is a family-owned aftermarket truck seat and truck accessory company. In business since 1947, Suburban Seating & Safety has built a reputation for offering a wide selection of accessories from top manufacturers and ensuring clients’ specific needs are met. To learn more, call 1-844-SAS-SEAT.


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