Upgrading your truck to improve its safety equipment not only helps keep you safer on the road but all the other motorists too. Whether you are adding new safety technologies with enhanced features or other safety improvements to make driving safer, there are several different types of items available.

Some of the best truck accessories to have to improve safety include:

1. Backup Camera Systems

Among the various safety features, a backup camera system is one of the easiest to add to your truck. The camera helps you see pedestrians, vehicles, and other equipment that can be in the way when backing up. There are several different configurations you can select. Some models feature dual cameras to provide wider rear viewing.

CCTV car camera for safety on the road accident

2. RoadWatch® Sensors

RoadWatch® sensors use science and technology to monitor and accurately measure the surface temperature of the road and the air temperature. This essential safety device can detect “black ice” and other dangerous road conditions while providing real-time temperature data to the cab of your truck.

3. Backup Alarm Systems

Backup alarm systems provide added safety when backing up your truck when paired with backup cameras. They can be installed in areas on the rear of the truck to help provide warnings to those near your truck you are backing up. The alarm system is designed to work in environments with ambient noise levels so it can still be heard.

4. Side Mirrors with Regular and Convex Views

When you are driving your truck, seeing if there are vehicles on the side in the blind spot can be difficult. With a dual side mirror configuration, you have a normal view on the top mirror and a convex mirror on the lower section. The convex mirror helps increase your blind spot field of vision and helps you notice when there are vehicles next to you on the road.

The rear view mirror of the lorry

5. Blind Spot Warning Sensors

To help provide full “viewing” coverage around the entire truck, you may want to add blind spot warning sensors. These sensors detect when objects are in the blind spot area that you cannot see by looking in your side view mirrors.

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