Do truckers sleep in their trucks? That’s a common question asked by aspiring truckers and people interested in trucking. If you’re just getting started as a truck driver, you’re probably wondering the same.

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You must get proper sleep as a truck driver—especially when on the road. Not only do you need to get enough hours of sleep, but you must get quality sleep.

Without further ado, let’s dive into everything you need to know about sleeping on the road as a trucker.

Where Do Truckers Sleep in Their Trucks?

Over the road (OTR) truckers are so-called because they haul cargo over long distances. Because of that, they usually sleep on the road.

Where do OTR truckers sleep in their trucks? Long-distance truckers sleep in the sleeper cab of their semi-trucks. This is a small room located behind the driver’s seat, and it is also called a sleeper berth. The sleeper cab is usually kitted with a small bed.

Tips to Improve Sleep Quality on the Road

So, how do you ensure that you get the best sleep even while you’re on the road? Here are a few tips to help you do that.

Invest in a Truck Mattress

One of the first steps to ensuring that you get quality sleep as you’re on the road is to invest in a truck mattress. Sure, your sleeper cabin will have a small bed but, in most cases, the mattress is built more for convenience than comfort. That’s why you must upgrade your truck mattress by getting yourself a mattress designed for quality sleep.

Find a Good Place to Park

The other crucial element to getting quality sleep on the road is choosing a good place to park. There are many truck stops—rest areas—all over the country, and these are the best places to park for the night. Besides having enough space for your truck, rest areas also provide a safe place to sleep.

Another alternative is to arrange with your customer to sleep in their parking lot. This will help you maximize your driving hours.

Block Out Light and Noise

Quality sleep requires that you sleep in a dark, quiet place. You can use a white noise generator or noise-canceling headphones to block out noise from the truck stop. You can also block out light by investing in thick curtains for your sleeper cabin.

Avoid Caffeine

Avoid caffeine as much as possible before going to bed. Caffeine is a stimulant trusted by many truckers to keep them alert on the road. However, consuming it a few hours before bedtime will lead to poor-quality sleep.

Upgrade Your Sleeper Cab with Accessories

One of the most important factors of successful long-haul trucking is to ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible. To do so, you must upgrade your sleeper cab with accessories that will make it feel like a home away from home. Some accessories to consider include:

  • USB chargers
  • Mobile device and laptop holders
  • Dash-mount
  • Cushions and cushion covers

You can also consider upgrading your truck seats, so you have a more comfortable day in the cockpit. That will help you have better sleep, as you’ll have fewer body aches and pains.

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Do Truckers Sleep in Their Trucks? Getting Quality Sleep on the Road

We’ve come full-circle to the question we started with—do truckers sleep in their trucks?

Yes, they do if they are long-haul truckers.

If quality sleep is something that’s been eluding you on the road, all you probably need are a few adjustments to your sleeper cab. The best place to start is a mattress. Also, make sure to find a safe and quiet place—for peace of mind—and avoid stimulants before bedtime.

While we may not be able to help you with your choice of beverage and where to park your truck, we can help you with truck accessories to help you sleep better. So, go ahead and browse our selection of truck accessories. You can also give us a call at 844-727-7328 for personalized advice.

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