While most accidents are caused by regular passenger vehicles, the size and weight of big rig trucks makes it so that when they are involved in an accident, it’s likely to be a big one. No driver wants to get injured on the road, or to have to live with a serious accident that hurt someone else on their conscience. To keep yourself and others safe on the road, you should consider using the following safety equipment on your truck as soon as possible.


Trucking safety


Collision Avoidance Systems


While the ultimate responsibility for avoiding accidents rests with the driver, safety features can help make that easier to do. One of the most important of these features is that of collision avoidance systems, which automatically help slow and control trucks when potentially dangerous situations are ahead. While not as advanced as the safety and auto-driving features on passenger cars, these kind of systems are becoming available for big rigs, and use a front-mounted radar system to detect obstacles and immediately throttle the brake if one is detected ahead. If you can get your hands on one, it’s highly recommended you take advantage of it.


Front and Rear Cameras


One of the most difficult things about managing a truck is the reduced visibility. The bigger the vehicle, the harder it is to see what’s in front of, around, and (especially) behind you. So it’s a good thing that truck companies are now making vehicles with front and rear cameras, which display obstacles that the driver might not be able to see on monitors in the cab.


Trucking safety features


Electronic Stability Controls


When a truck is going too fast for the load it’s carrying, it’s a lot more likely that it will get out of the driver’s control, presenting a danger to the driver, the vehicle, and other people on the road. Electronic stability controls help truckers maintain a safe speed by monitoring a vehicle’s velocity, tilt, and direction of travel, to measure the safest speed it can go, and then apply the brakes if the truck exceeds it.


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Trucking safetyTrucking safety features