The CDC released guidance for truck drivers that details important things they need to know about COVID-19, the risk of exposure, and how to take the appropriate precautions to reduce these risks. While most truck drivers spend numerous hours inside their cabs, there are times when they still have to have contact with other people, like at truck stops and rest areas, and when making deliveries.


It is during these times that truck drivers need to make sure they are doing the right things to stay safe, including:


1. Wear a protective face mask. A cloth mask or another style mask is appropriate and should cover the mouth and nose. It should be worn anytime you are in close contact with others.


Truck driver giving thumbs up during coronavirus pandemic


2. Wash and/or sanitize the hands frequently. Get into the habit of washing or sanitizing hands before and after making deliveries or having contact with surfaces outside the truck cab.

3. Disinfect and clean interior cab surfaces regularly. Wipe down the steering wheel, handles, armrests, and other such surfaces daily.

4. Practice safe social distancing when possible. Always maintain a distance of at least six feet from other individuals.

5. Wear gloves when refueling, unloading or loading cargo, or touching things outside the truck. Regular disposable gloves are fine. If you use work gloves, store them in a zip-locking plastic bag and wash them frequently. Replace the zip-locking bag each time you wash the gloves.

6. Avoid touching your face, nose, eyes, or mouth when outside the truck. If the virus is on your gloves, it can be transferred to your face and increase the risk of infection.

7. Try to arrange contactless deliveries when possible. The less contact you have with other people, the better.


Truck driver with mask and gloves talking on the phone and reviewing documents


8. Use your phone or radio to communicate with others. If you must be outside the truck supervising the loading or unloading of the truck, maintain safe distancing and use your phone or radio for communications.


Keep in mind, this is just part of the CDC-recommended guidance for truck drivers. For the latest news in the trucking industry regarding COVID-19, be sure to visit the CDC website.


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