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Most vehicles have seatbelts that are entirely separate from the seat, but integrated seat belts are built directly into the seat. This type of seat belt is contained within the seat frame and firmly straps a driver to the seat. Custom truck seats and trucks manufactured within the last few years typically support the use of integrated seat belts.


Benefits of Integrated Seat Belts

Integrated seat belts are commonly used in trucks, though they’re also becoming more popular in cars. In the past, trucks with extended cabs had no pillar to where the seat belt could be bolted. This meant that the seat belt was mounted to the floor and ceiling, making this safety measure a hassle to use and to get out of.


With the use of integrated seat belts, there are no worries of comfortably strapping into a truck seat or getting out of it without a hassle. Vehicles with integrated seat belts are more comfortable, usable, and functional for the driver.


Do Your Trucks Need New Seat Belts?

After years of use, seat belts can become worn down. Over time, seat belts can also become inoperable, which puts your drivers and other drivers on the road at an increased risk. Properly functioning seat belts protect drivers in the event of an accident. At the same time, this safety measure should also be comfortable.


Signs that your trucks are in need of new seat belts include:


  • Fraying
  • An inability to fasten
  • Improper fit

Another ideal time to replace seat belts is when you install custom truck seats in your fleet. A new custom seat paired with an integrated seat belt ensures the safety, comfort, and protection of your drivers


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