Across the public transportation boating industry, ferry operators are upgrading ferry seats, adding new technologies and other such features to make people’s commutes more enjoyable. Passengers can enjoy upgraded seating in place of the traditional hard bench-style seats found on commuter ships and boats.


Bench-style seats are hard and uncomfortable. Even short commutes of fifteen to twenty minutes are not very enjoyable when you have to sit on a hard seat. The alternative is to stand, but, in some areas, standing can be limited to specific areas of the ship for passenger safety reasons. This can lead to overcrowding in certain locations and create safety hazards.


Boat Air Ride Seats


By offering comfortable seating, and plenty of it, passengers will be more likely to want to sit during their ride from one port to the next. In addition, their satisfaction with the ferry operator will improve. Happy passengers translate to repeat riders, which further helps increase revenue and potential earnings.


As you can see, offering comfortable seating for your passengers can help increase the number of riders, not to mention your bottom line. Yet, choosing the right seating is essential. You do not want to waste your capital resources trying out different seats in hopes they are what your passengers like.


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When you are upgrading your seating, it is better to get feedback directly from the passengers. After all, they are the ones that have to sit in the seats every day they ride on your ferry. You can use this information to select the best seats for your passengers and your ship.


  • TIP: If upgrading to cushioned seats, consider those that feature flip-up seats to make it easier for passengers to move in seating areas on your ship.

Aside from your passengers’ feedback, remember to look at seats made from durable materials so they will last for quite some time. For assistance in selecting the best replacement passenger seats for your ferry, please feel free to contact Suburban Seating & Safety at 1-844-SAS-SEAT today!


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