When you were learning how to drive a semi-truck or commercial bus, you were probably taught how to use your side mirrors to perform backup maneuvers. While this method of backing up is an important one to develop to avoid accidents, there are newer technologies you should also consider using, like backup cameras and alarms.


Backup Camera System for Commercial Trucks

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Backup cameras can make it easier to see in blind spots and areas directly behind the truck or bus that are normally obscured and not seen in the side mirrors. You can quickly tell if there are people, children, or other equipment or vehicles directly behind where you want to back up. Some newer models may even provide a warning if they detect movement of an approaching vehicle, person, or object.


Alarms are another way for you to alert others you are backing up. This warning can help prevent vehicles and people from getting behind the semi-truck or bus. Alarm devices typically emit a loud constant beeping sound while the vehicle is in reverse.


Why You Should Not Rely Solely on Technology for Backing Up


One mistake people can make is to discard other safe driving habits and rely solely on newer technologies. Even though backup cameras do give you a good idea what is behind your truck or bus, they do not always “see” everything.


This is why it is important for you to still check your blind spots and use your side mirrors, too. If you are backing up into an area with high vehicle or people traffic, consider using a spotter to help navigate and back up safely. Sometimes, you or your spotter might notice something you would not see if you just used the backup camera.


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  • Safety Tip: Consider installing multiple cameras on the semi-truck or bus. Install cameras on the back and sides so you can “see” easier all the way around the bus or truck.


By using the backup skills you learned in truck or bus driving school, along with backup cameras, alarms, and other technologies, you can reduce the risks of accidents. For help selecting backup cameras, alarms, or other safety accessories for trucks and buses, please feel free to contact Suburban Seating & Safety at (844) SAS.SEAT (844-727-7328) today!


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