Being on the road and away from home as the holidays approach can be difficult for truck drivers. Unfortunately, for truckers, this is just the nature of the business. That does not mean that you cannot enjoy the holidays; you just need to get a little creative.


Tips for Truck Drivers


  1. Keep in Touch With Family And Friends Through Texting and Social Media – Remain in contact with your family by texting, Facebook, Skype or another video chat service. You can also help your spouse complete holiday shopping by finding bargains online. Use your mobile device to post greetings and messages to your children on their social media page or via email.
  2. Avoid Taking On Too Much Work – It can be tempting to pick up extra loads and runs to cover for other drivers who are taking time off. While the extra money is great, it can quickly wear you down so you are exhausted on the days you do get home.
  3. Bring Along Your Family if Possible – Some trucking companies allow drivers to bring along their family on longer trips so they can spend time together while you are working over the holiday season. Check with your employer to see if this is an option.
  4. Let Your Kids Decorate the Interior of Your Cab – Have your kids brighten up your sleeping area in the back of the truck with some holiday lights and decorations. You could also hang up holiday-themed coloring pages your kids colored or drawings they made.
  5. Send Your Children Postcards from Santa – During the weeks leading up to Christmas, mail postcards to your children with personalized messages from Santa. When you return home, they will be excited to share with you the postcards you sent.
  6. Create Your Own Holiday Traditions – There are no set rules when it comes to celebrating the holidays or the traditions you have to follow. It is perfectly acceptable to come up with your own that work best around your schedule.

We hope these holiday tips makes your holiday season enjoyable. Please feel free to contact Suburban Seating & Safety at (844) SAS.SEAT (844-727-7328) today for all of your replacement truck seats and accessories.


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