Sitting for long hours as you drive your semi down the road should never be uncomfortable or leave you feeling stiff and sore when you take a break from driving. If you notice you are experiencing back pain, shoulder pain, or neck pain or your bottom is sore and aches, you should seriously consider upgrading your truck seat.

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To help you and other truck drivers, here are some of the things you should look for to find the best semi-truck seats:

#1. Decent Back Support

You need to support your back to prevent it from aching and getting sore. It also places added strain on your shoulders and neck when you slouch. You want to look for a truck seat with adjustable lumbar support features.

If you are going all-out, you may want to consider a National Commodore series or other National truck seats with the BackCycler System––an active air-powered device to help fight back pain and reduce fatigue.

#2. Comfort and Comfort Enhancing Features

You never want a commercial truck seat that isn’t padded or which lacks sufficient padding. Poor padding will make sitting for long hours very uncomfortable and leave you with a sore backside and bottom. Therefore, you want to make sure your new truck seat has high-quality padding that will last.

Besides having a well-padded seat, you may want to look for these other seat features:

  • Flex Support Cushion Systems
  • Heated and Cooled Seats
  • Automatic Height Adjustments
  • Memory Settings
  • Adjustable Armrests
  • Adjustable Headrest

#3. Easy to Clean Materials

Accidents are bound to happen when driving, such as spilling your coffee or dropping part of a sandwich onto your truck seat. Make sure your new seat offers stain-resistant fabrics and has been treated to prevent liquids from soaking into the materials.

Another option if you are accident-prone is to invest in a vinyl or leather truck seat. Both vinyl and leather resist stains and do not absorb liquids, so cleaning up is much easier. However, with certain features like heated and cooled seats, there can be small air holes in the vinyl or leather. So, you may want to look at seat cushion covers for added protection.

#4. Stylish Design

There is no reason why you should not get a stylish truck seat when you are upgrading and replacing your existing seat. There are numerous designs and styles to choose from to fit your tastes and match your truck's interior.

For example, the Bostrom Wide Ride + Serta truck seat comes in several different two-tone colors, like black and gray or black and saddle ultra-leather. There are several two-tone and single-colored leather and cloth seat choices too.

You can also find several different tone-tone and single-colored seat options with Knoedler truck seats, National truck seats, and Sears Atlas II truck seats. It is easy to find the perfect truck seat in the style and design you prefer.

Types of Truck Seats

As you are browsing through new truck seats, you will come across two general types of truck seats. It is essential to understand the difference between the three to ensure you choose the correct truck seat replacement for your truck model.

Standard Truck Seats

Standard truck seats are some of the most commonly replaced truck seats for regular truck cabs and Class B semi-trucks.

Low-Profile Truck Seats

Low-profile truck seats have a lower profile, sit lower in the cab, and are well-suited for cab-over trucks and medium-duty, delivery-type trucks. You need to check the specifics of each low-profile truck seat, as there can be variances depending on the manufacturer.

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For example, Knoedler truck seats lower the riser height of the seat yet maintain the 5 to 6 inches of suspension stroke. Other manufacturers lower both the riser height and the suspension stroke height, so you end up with between 3 and 4 inches of suspension stroke.

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Final Tips to Select the Best Semi-Truck Seats

  1. Choose a seat for comfort and back support so that you can sit easily for long hours.
  2. Look for seats with the features and options you want.
  3. Compare brands to find the best semi-truck seat to fit your truck brand.
  4. Do not hesitate to ask questions when you need clarification.
  5. Verify if an adapter plate will be needed to install your new seat.

To find the best semi-truck seats for your truck, please feel free to browse our truck seats online. For further questions, information, assistance, or to order a custom truck seat, do not hesitate to contact Suburban Seating & Safety at 844-727-7328 today!

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