Driving a big rig that weighs 80,000 pounds or more requires you to be a good driver. You should attempt to avoid situations where you can feel stress, anger, or frustration, as these can lead to semi-truck road rage. Taking the time to learn how to avoid road rage by using the following safe driving practices will help you become a better truck driver.


1. You cannot control other drivers.

The best thing to do if you encounter bad drivers is to slow down and put some distance between you and them. If you start to feel anger or stress, take slow deep breaths and count to ten.


Angry driver shouting in his vehicle


2. Your time does not equate to money.

It is easy to get stressed from a breakdown, construction delay, or traffic jam. If you are feeling frustrated, pull into a rest area and spend a little time walking around getting some fresh air. Most truck drivers are paid by the mile, so you should not have to hurry to your destination.


3. Avoid driving when you are tired.

When we are tired, we have much shorter fuses that easily can be set off by the bad driving of another. If you didn’t get enough sleep, pull over and take a nap. If you cannot do this, at least take the time to get a cup of coffee to help wake you up.


Semi Truck Driver Showing Thumb Up.


4. Avoid driving when you are hungry.

Hunger can cause us to feel “hangry,” which is when we become irritable and easily angered because we are hungry. Take the time to eat a good hearty breakfast before hitting the road. Remember to also stop for a lunch break where you eat outside your truck.


5. Don’t take another’s bad driving personally.

Some people are just lousy drivers. Just accept this and let it go. Their bad driving is not intentionally directed at you.


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