More and more truck drivers are becoming aware of how back pain can shorten their careers and leave them with chronic health problems. Proper truck seats can help address this problem, but even the best seat can’t help relieve lower back pressure for drivers who slouch or slump. Proper posture is just as important as ergonomic seats for driver health.


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Long hours spent in the driver’s seat can cause low back pain and sciatica. These conditions can become so severe that they end drivers’ careers early or force them to rely on potentially addictive painkillers to manage. As neither of these is a good outcome, finding ways to prevent these conditions is of vital importance to trucking companies and independent drivers.


Truck drivers can improve their posture by:


  • Keeping your seat high, as it will help keep your pelvis in the right position while you are driving. If your seat is too low, it will cause you to slouch. Make sure your seat height doesn’t impair your vision of the road, make your head hit the roof, or make you unable to reach the foot pedals, though.
  • Getting a truck seat fitted with lumbar support. Lower back pain is a widespread problem in the trucking community, but seats equipped with lumbar support features will help support your lower back and force you to sit properly.
  • Making a habit of stretching while you sit. Stretching will help you stay in the proper position and will provide a little exercise for the muscles of your back.
  • Keeping your elbows low and close to your body. This will help keep your shoulders in a good position that discourages slouching.


Squeezing your shoulder blades together from time to time. This exercise will help strengthen the muscles responsible for good posture. Stops at red lights are a great time to do this.


Truckers Can Improve Their Posture

With a few proactive steps, truckers can greatly reduce their likelihood of developing back pain issues that can shorten their careers and affect their mobility later in life.


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