Truck driving can be an exciting way to enjoy your independence and see many different places. With the demand for truck drivers soaring, women truck drivers are finding many new opportunities in this field. The industry is male dominated, but many women crave the opportunity to travel, be independent, and have the flexibility that driving a truck for a living can provide.


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The following tips are intended to help women enjoy the truck driving experience to its fullest while maintaining safety and comfort.


Network with Other Truck Drivers

Reach out and keep in touch with both male and female drivers, build comradery, and encourage one another. Being in contact with other women drivers helps you learn from their experiences and the issues they have faced. You can learn a lot about how to handle a situation from someone else. In no time, you will have colleagues who have your back and vice versa.


Keep Up with the Latest Accessories

Trucking accessories can make every day life a bit easier. Suburban Seating & Safety offers numerous accessories, ranging from general purpose straps and bungee cords for securing goods and belongings to USB chargers, mobile phone holders, and dash mounts. You’ll also find swivels for truck seats, trailer repair tape, and laptop mounts. We offer supportive mattresses in many sizes as well, which help contribute to hours of restful sleep before your next run. Nearly every aspect of your truck can be upgraded and accessorized to improve your ride.


Focus on Safety

It’s important to always be alert and make choices based on what’s around you. If you are unsure of how to proceed, communicate your concerns to your dispatcher, colleague, or someone you can contact. Evaluate the conditions at a truck stop before getting out, and take the appropriate safety precautions, though truck stops are generally safe.


Be aware of safe-driving skills and always drive with caution, especially in rough weather. Make sure your truck is updated with safety equipment, like backup cameras and road sensors.


Keep Your Truck in Good Condition

Maintenance is important, as it will prevent your truck from breaking down at the worst of times. It also avoids delays in shipments due to mechanical problems. Another important means of truck upkeep is getting the right seats. Depending on the model, you can enjoy the support of an ergonomic cushion and scissor or air suspension.


Some truck seats feature a range of adjustable features and options that tailor the model to your specific needs. A good seat can reduce pain and fatigue after long hours. We supply the latest models from top brands, such as Bostrom, ISRI, Sears, National, and more.


Invest in a Good Mattress

The quality of rest you get is extremely important when you drive all day. A good mattress is a must. We have InnerSpace mattresses with breathable covers that help regulate body temperature. They also install in under a minute, thanks to innovative packaging. All you have to do is place the product into a sleeper bunk and remove the packaging, and the item will expand to full size. We offer spring core and foam mattresses in other styles as well. Several sizes are available for you to find the exact match.

Enjoy Your Time on the Road

If you find the right carrier who accommodates the needs of women truck drivers and cares about your working conditions, and you get to spend enough time at home, you should enjoy every minute on the road. The experience can be more easily appreciated if you:


  • Be Confident: Feel like you’re qualified for the job. Improved self-esteem and a sense of self-worth allow you to take on the application process and work with confidence. However, don’t feel afraid to ask for help. Most truck drivers are willing to assist others.
  • Have a Positive Attitude: Be positive and polite when asking for help from other drivers. In turn, help others as well. You’ll find others are more receptive to you. Be respectful to both women and men truck drivers you see on the road.
  • Plan Ahead: Every morning, take a few minutes to plan your route, check the weather forecast, and know where you’ll be that night. This can save time and avoid problems. Plus, you won’t have to worry all day and can, instead, enjoy the ride.

Use All Available Resources

Women interested in the trucking industry have many resources they can use to succeed in their careers. Whether it’s fellow drivers who can answer questions or a training leader, many people can offer help when you need it. There are also numerous outlets to become involved with.


Speaking to other women in trucking encourages employment and provides access to networking, best practices, and market intelligence, as well as resources that help address various obstacles.


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