Winter can be a challenging time for truckers. Storms and even minor weather events can cause road conditions to deteriorate quickly. Traffic jams, delays, and accidents increase significantly in winter.

You need a winter truck survival kit that should include the following:

Essential Supplies for Staying Warm

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Subfreezing temperatures are unforgiving. It’s important to be prepared for an emergency and have these essential items in your survival kit:

  • Snow Shovel: Although cheaper plastic shovels can be useful, metal ones are even better at breaking up and moving compact snow and ice.
  • Blankets: If your truck gets stuck, you most likely won’t have heat, but a warm blanket will protect you against the biting cold.
  • Gloves/Hat: In addition to a warm coat, pack warm gloves, a hat, and thick socks to preserve as much body heat as possible.
  • Hand Warmers: Gloves aren’t always effective, especially if you’re in the cold for a long time. Hand warmers work using a chemical reaction to warm up cold fingers.
  • Matches: These are reliable sources of heat and easier to use than rubbing two sticks together in the cold.
  • Candle-Powered Heater: A metal can, lighter, and candle can provide ample heat in a truck cabin. This avoids using up precious fuel or potentially exposing yourself to carbon monoxide if the exhaust gets blocked.

Mobile Device Accessories

Our mobile devices keep us connected to the world in so many ways. You can stay in touch with friends and loved ones, track the weather forecast, get traffic updates, and post your adventures on social media. Suburban Seating & Safety offers essential mobile device accessories, such as USB chargers, dash mounts, and holders, so you get full use of your device while on the road, not to mention keep it charged in the toughest of conditions.

Road Watch Sensors

Winter weather often weighs heavily on deployment decisions. The temperature can change from minute to minute and from one location to another. Our road watch sensors continuously monitor and display road surface and air temperature.

Temperatures are tracked in one-degree increments, and measurements are taken every tenth of a second. You get instant updates on conditions, plus alerts when things start to get unsafe. Mountings, extension cables, and adapters are also available.

First Aid Kit

Injuries can occur if you lose control of your truck or slip on ice. A standard first aid kit has different-sized bandages, pain relievers, and antiseptic creams, as well as alcohol pads, gauze, and other supplies to deal with a wide range of injuries. Medical facilities or assistance aren’t always available or accessible in stormy conditions and/or remote areas.


Flashlights are easy to find and affordable, and they are a must in your winter truck survival kit. While LED flashlights are longer lasting, it’s a good idea to have a crank-operated model. It ensures you can always see in the darkness, whether you’re stranded or need to change a tire or find help.

Heated Seats

Suburban Seating & Safety supplies heated seats from leading manufacturers like Bostrom, National, Sears, and ISRI. These include the Sears Atlas II DLX seat with dual arms, a massage function, and suspension and dampeners. Heating is important, as the cold can make your bones and muscles achy and fatigued. The warmth can relieve pain and stiffness and improve blood flow, in addition to the lumbar support and adjustability our seat options afford.


Suburban Seating & Safety stocks several sizes of mattresses from InnerSpace, Somnum, and Bostrom+Serta to meet your needs. A good night’s sleep can ensure you’re well-rested and prepared for anything that comes up during the day. Our selection of ergonomic mattresses conform to the shape of your body, providing much needed support after a full shift.

Other Important Survival Kit Items

On a winter run, you don’t want to be without:

  • Water: You may not think you need to drink much, but dehydration can occur in the cold. Staying hydrated helps you stay alert and healthy.
  • Windshield Scraper/Brush: The windows may take time to defrost, but you can brush off snow and scrape away ice in an instant.
  • Jumper Cables: Truck batteries can succumb to cold weather. Have jumper cables on hand in case the unexpected happens and any helpful drivers are around.
  • Battery Boost Jumper: If there’s no one to be found, then this can get your engine going again despite how cold it is.
  • Tire Chains: These prevent you from losing traction in icy conditions and are even required in some states, depending on the conditions.
  • Tools: Get a tool kit with wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, and other basic tools. A jack and lug wrench are handy when you need to fit that spare tire. It’s also helpful to have a compass in case there’s no power, your cellphone is out, and you need to venture outside to find help.

Other useful things to have include:

  • Cash
  • Warning Flags/Triangles
  • Face Masks/Coverings
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Medication
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Tire Pressure Gauge
  • Tarp
  • Zip Ties
  • Flares
  • Fuel Siphon Pump
  • Whistle

Order Your Winter Supplies at Suburban Seating & Safety

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We can help fill your winter truck survival kit with heated seats, truck mattresses, and cab accessories like phone chargers, cords, and straps. Truckers also benefit from road watch sensors and backup cameras and alarms, not to mention safety products, including replacement seat belts, heated/motorized mirrors, display mounting pedestals, mirror covers, tether straps, and more.

Our specialty, however, is carrying fully featured Class 6, 7, and 8 truck seats. We have an extensive inventory and offer free, standard same-day shipping. A range of options for ordering custom truck seats for your cab is available. If you’re looking to complete your winter truck survival kit, you can order many items from Suburban Seating & Safety and receive them quickly, so you are prepared for anything on the road during the next few months.

Browse our inventory, place your order online, or call 844-727-7328 to learn more.

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