Professional truck drivers face many physical challenges. Reaching, twisting, turning, and sitting for extended periods of time can wreak havoc with the spine. These necessary physical efforts are made worse by uncomfortable worn-out seating.

Road vibration, bouncing, and jolting motions are constantly being absorbed by the vertebrae and the fluid-filled structures between them. Professional-grade, fully adjustable custom truck seats with a solid suspension system built in can make all the difference.

common back problems for truck drivers

Common Back Problems Truck Drivers Develop

The stresses on the skeletal system associated with truck driving cause an increased chance of:

  • Spinal problems like slipped discs and spinal compression
  • Reduction of cushioning fluid between the vertebrae
  • Limited or painful mobility
  • Chronic neck pain and headaches
  • Chronic lower back pain
  • Associated muscle spasms
  • Nerve pain such as sciatica

Is Your Truck Seat Properly Adjusted?

Adjusting your driving position in existing and replacement seats can relieve some of the most common back problems for truck drivers.

Check for these signs of perfect adjustment:

  • Thighs are fully supported to a comfortable point behind the knee.
  • Feet can reach the pedals easily, without sliding forward or arching the neck.
  • Arms are bent comfortably when holding the steering wheel at 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock positions.

The lower back meets with lumbar support at belt height.

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Support Your Spine and Find Your Seat

If your existing truck seat cannot be adjusted to meet these ergonomic requirements, it is your spine that takes up the stress and shock instead of the suspension of the truck seat. Truck replacement seats are available that provide adjustable lumbar support and the right depth, height, and angle to support your spine and relieve your chronic backache or truck driver leg pain.

Your bad back might really be originating from that old truck seat. Check out the latest options in adjustable and back-cradling custom truck seats at Suburban Seating & Safety. We have replacement seats for all makes and models, including automobile replacement seats, so don’t let back pain become your normal when driving in comfort is just a click away!

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