Comfortable truck seats that include a wide array of options, as well as safety features, are essential to keeping truck drivers alert to their surroundings when driving 8+ hours a day. From commercial truck seat cushions with added padding to ultra-high seat backs for added lumbar support, having a well-designed truck seat helps keep truck drivers focused and alert when driving.


Safety is equally important. When truck drivers have to constantly move around because of a sore back or bottom or tight muscles, it takes their focus off the road. When truck drivers are uncomfortable while driving, they cannot give their full attention to the road.


driver in cabin of big modern truck


What’s New in Truck Seats?

1. Wider Seats: Bostrom and other truck seat manufacturers have rolled out wider seats to provide more comfort. Bostrom offers different options with their Wide Ride seats including Core and Wide Ride + Serta®.


2. Cooled Semi Truck Seats: One feature found in upscale and high-end vehicles has made its way to truck seats: cooled semi-truck seats. This feature is often found on seats that also offer heating. No longer do truck drivers have to feel hot, sticky, and sweaty on hot summer days when they upgrade to a truck seat with cooling.


3. Truck Seat Memory Settings: Many new truck seats are starting to offer memory settings. The seat will automatically move to an exiting position when the truck is parked; when climbing into the seat, it automatically returns to the preset driving settings.


happy driver getting into cab of modern truck


4. Memory Foam: Memory foam is not just for truck mattresses anymore. Many seat manufacturers are switching out existing materials and adding memory foam to seat cushions and backs for better support and improved comfort.


There are also seats being developed that connect to advanced driver safety features like forward collision alert. These advanced seats would use tactile alerts built into the seat to potentially alert truck drivers to problems before they see them.


To check out the latest features and find comfortable truck seats for your truck, please feel free to browse our online store or for further questions or, to order custom truck seats, please feel free to call Suburban Seating & Safety at 844-727-7328 today!

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