There are several paths to earning your CDL when you want to learn to drive a truck so you can become a professional semi-truck driver. One option some truck drivers pursue is through a company-sponsored CDL training and truck driving school program. This program covers the costs of training through a truck driving school and ensures employment once you complete your training.

How Can I Qualify for Paid CDL Training?

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You will want to contact the bigger trucking companies and inquire about company-sponsored CDL training opportunities. Most large trucking companies have some type of program. It is important to review the terms and conditions of the program before signing any agreements.

Some trucking companies may offer better perks than others, so you’ll want to make sure you are getting the best “deal” when you sign an agreement with a trucking company. Agreements contain various terms and conditions, such as agreeing to work for the company for a set period after getting your CDL.

These agreements can also include details about low-interest loans to cover living expenses while completing truck driving school, payment rates during on-the-road training, and payment rates once you are out on your own.

What Are Some Advantages of Company-Sponsored CDL Training?

The primary benefit of company-sponsored training is it is the least expensive path to getting your CDL and becoming a professional truck driver. You could always decide to go it alone. However, you have to cover all the costs of truck driving school. After you complete the program, there is no guarantee of a job.

Other advantages include:

  • You won’t need to take out student loans or worry about the costs of truck driving school since the company you sign with will cover these costs, which can run several thousands of dollars.
  • You receive CDL training from a professional truck driving school and instructors. They will ensure you are taught everything you need to know to drive a big rig safely.
  • A company-sponsored training program can get you on the road much faster than doing it on your own. Programs typically run about a month before you start your on-the-road training.
  • You will have a job waiting for you once you complete truck driving school and on-the-road training.
  • The company may cover the costs of your CDL test and CDL license.

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Are Company-Sponsored Training Programs Really Free?

It will depend on the company and program. Some companies may cover the costs upfront but then make regular payroll deductions for the costs of training. If you stay with the company longer than the required time, the money may be returned.

Other trucking companies will cover all the costs and only ask you to drive for them for a set period. Yet, a tradeoff is often a lower starting wage for your first few years. However, if you want to get on the road as soon as possible with the least out-of-pocket expenses, a company-sponsored CDL training program is best.

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