The concept of a motor vehicle backup camera appeared in 1956, but it wouldn’t be until 1991 when one would appear in a consumer car. Today, it’s not only a standard feature but required by law. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 1111 went into effect on May 1, 2018. It covers all motor vehicles, so a semi-truck backup camera is a must-have.

Backup cameras are designed to help prevent injuries and deaths due to back-over accidents. Not only can you see what’s behind the vehicle, but also any objects or people in your blind spots. Semi-trucks have blind spots, or No Zones,2 on all four sides, extending up to 30 feet behind them. Therefore, backup cameras are among the most important types of semi-truck safety equipment.


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How Do Backup Cameras Work?

A wide-angle camera is mounted somewhere at the rear of the vehicle. It’s connected to the gearshift, activating when you go in reverse. The device relays information to a screen and, in some cases, the instrument panel or monitors embedded in the rearview mirror. Some backup camera systems provide guidelines to help you navigate while backing up, indicate the width of the vehicle, and tell how much room there is near the vehicle.

Installing a Backup Camera

Installing an aftermarket unit requires just a few parts—a transmitter, receiver, adapter cable, power source, connectors, and, of course, the camera and monitor. Suburban Seating & Safety sells various high-quality LCD monitors, including 5” and 7” models from Brigade Electronics. You can find the best backup camera for you, such as waterproof and heated cameras.

Noiseless backup alarms are in stock as well, so truckers receive full notification of anybody nearby. Recording systems are also available. Truck drivers can have high-quality video and data on record to further maximize safety for themselves, pedestrians, and their business. With backup cameras and alarms, and accessories to augment what they can do, fleet driver safety is at its peak.


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