Air-conditioned seats are a standard feature in many cars and trucks. Whether you’re a leisurely driver stuck in traffic in the summer or a trucker on a long haul, you may wonder how the AC can come from your seats yet appreciate the luxury. Cooling truck seats are an energy-efficient alternative to traditional air conditioning.


Many of the custom truck seats from Suburban Seating & Safety include ventilation and heating. One advantage is they confine cooled air to where the driver or passenger is sitting. Since the seat doesn’t cool the entire interior, less energy is used. At the same time, occupants can each adjust the air conditioning to their needs.


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The Inner Workings of Air Conditioned Seating

Air-conditioned seats feature built-in fans that circulate air to keep your body cool. Once in motion, the air is blown through a diffusion layer under the seat fabric. The cooling effect then spreads upward to the surface, so occupants get a maximum effect from the cab’s AC cooling or heating system.


Cooled replacement truck seats have a porous covering that enables your body’s own cooling system to be more effective when you’re sitting down.


Modern air-conditioned seats use a single system to heat and cool. Changes in temperature occur through the foam cushion and perforated leather, in response to actuation of a switch and CPU control. Each type of seat cushion supplied by Suburban Seating & Safety has a fan and diffuser system to make long-haul trips more comfortable.


The truck’s AC system still cools the cab. Then the seat’s built-in fan circulates cool air through the cushions, which helps keep a driver or passenger cool.


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Premium Cooling Truck Seats from Suburban Seating & Safety

Our options include the Admiral CT seat with the ComfortTEK ventilation and heat system, which circulates air through the back of the seat and the cushion. The Sears Atlas II LE seat has a cushion ventilation, heating, and cooling system. Other products we offer include Bostrom Wide Ride + Serta, ISRI 5030/880 Premium, and Knoedler seats. For more information on these and other products in our diverse truck seats catalog, contact Suburban Seating and Safety today.


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