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As a trucking company or the owner of a big rig, you know just how important it is to stay on top of the latest and greatest trucking trends. From custom truck seats to eco-friendly trucks, there is a wide range of trends that you’ll want to be on top of for 2019.


Here are 7 trucking industry trends to know about.


1. Truck Tracking

All companies offer training for their truckers, but there are now companies that offer tracking capabilities to ensure drivers are following the rules of the road. Fleet management platforms use GPS devices to not only track where trucks are located, but also to ensure trucks are on schedule and are driving safely.


2. Uber for Trucks

As people are looking for cheaper, easier, and more convenient ways to use carrier services, there’s a brewing trend of using Uber for trucking. There are several apps that have popped up recently, and there are likely more to come in the future.


3. Software-as-a-Service

By using Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms, trucking companies can better manage their fleets. These platforms can be used for a variety of purposes, including:


  • Load optimization
  • Fleet management
  • Route planning
  • Scheduling

With fleet management software and use of the cloud, keeping tabs on your truckers is much easier.


4. Custom Truck Seats

A comfortable truck driver is less likely to be distracted and frustrated. Comfort is important for someone who is on the road for hours and hundreds of miles each day. To ensure comfort and safer drivers, custom truck seats are sure to be a growing trend in the future.


5. Safety Big Screens

Big screens aren’t just for watching television. An upcoming trucking trend involves the use of big screens that are installed on the back of trucks, which display the view in front of it, giving other drivers on the road a clear picture of what’s ahead.


6. Electric Trucks

Just as there are electric cars, truck manufacturers are now working toward a new era of trucks that use electricity to run. Electric trucks are cheaper and lighter and are also healthier for the environment. One of the top names working on electric trucks is Tesla, which is testing a sleek and minimalistic big rig for use in the future.


7. Driverless Technology

Autonomous technology isn’t only being considered for automobiles; it’s also a future option that will be available for trucks. Using artificial intelligence, trucks may one day be able to navigate themselves on the road versus requiring a physical driver.


Currently, some trucks are being outfitted with autopilot features, paving the way for autonomous technology in the future.


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