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About Cushions Covers & Upholstery

When you operate commercial vehicles for a living, little things can make all the difference. You need your trucks’ engines to be in tip-top shape, as well as any loading equipment or other mechanical aspects that are important for the job at hand.


One of the most overlooked parts of any commercial vehicle fleet is the upholstery; trucks, buses, and other utility vehicle seat cushions are going to wear out over time, especially if they’re in full-time active use in the workforce. Keeping your fleet in tip-top shape with aftermarket cushions covers & upholstery from Suburban Seating & Safety not only extends the working life of your vehicles, it also adds to operator satisfaction and comfort and can make a huge difference.


Top Tier Replacement Parts


Whether you’re dealing with charter buses, eighteen wheelers, large delivery trucks, or any number of large utility vehicles, Suburban Seating & Safety’s impressive inventory of products includes cushions covers & upholstery to suit your needs. Don’t subject yourself or your employees to unpleasant or uncomfortable seating; outfit your commercial vehicles with comfort-focused cushions and covers to guarantee a pleasant working environment and prolong the life of your fleet’s upholstery.


Strength, Durability, Comfort


Suburban Seating & Safety’s seat cushions, upholstery replacements, and covers help protect your investment while maintaining a pleasant working environment on the job. We only sell products designed with utility and durability in mind; we’ve been in the business of replacement seats and accessories for a long time, and we pass that industry expertise on to our satisfied clients.


If you have any questions pertaining to our stock of cushions covers & upholstery, feel free to contact us toll-free at (844) SAS.SEAT.


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