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About Mattresses

Truck Mattresses

Get a good night’s sleep! It’s the key to safe driving—but how do you do that when you’re always out on the road? If you drive a truck long distances, you’ll find the perfect solution at Suburban Seating & Safety. At our online store, find a truck mattress available in your preferred size and thickness. Our truck mattresses are also ergonomic, to help you sleep well and wake up refreshed.


About Our Truck Mattresses

Suburban Seating & Safety stocks foam and innerspring mattresses. They are comfortable, innovative, and designed especially for long-haul truck drivers. The mattresses conform to the shape of the body, promoting healthy, restful sleep. For unsurpassed comfort and support, there is no other product quite like it. Treat yourself to a new truck mattress. It’s the perfect way to reduce fatigue so you can stay alert and safe on the road.


Leading Brand Truck Mattresses

We supply semi-truck mattresses from leading brands such as Bostrom + Serta, InnerSpace, and Somnum. The Somnum Quest convoluted foam mattresses feature a foam core that relieves pressure points and provides full body support. A ridged design allows for airflow and, therefore, better comfort. Somnum Journey mattresses feature layers of quilted foam for durability with a soft, breathable knit cover and insulation pad, with a steel coil innerspring core. Both come in 6” and 7” thick styles and a range of dimensions.


The Bostrum + Serta Truck Mattresses in the 7 Series accommodate long haul drivers with gel memory foam that dissipates heat and distributes weight. They’re available in four sizes, from 32” x 80” to 42” x 80” with a 7” thickness. The 5” and 6.5” thick InnerSpace Truck Luxury Mattress is designed for body temperature regulation as well; it also unfurls from its packaging and expands to its full size in under a minute, making it an easy-to-install truck sleeper mattress. It is also available in 8” thick versions. Sizes include 28” x 79”, 32” x 79”, 35” x 79”, 38” x 80”, and 48” x 75”, up to 42” x 80”.


Our big rig mattress options include materials that contribute to comfort. Removable/washable covers, carry straps, fire-resistant barriers, and dual-sided mattresses are available. Whether you’re looking for truck mattresses for your fleet or a pickup truck mattress, Suburban Seating & Safety offers a wide range of selections to find what you need.


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