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At Suburban Seating & Safety, we pride ourselves on our variety of selection when it comes to seating solutions to accommodate your business or lifestyle. These premium seating options include step seats, delivery truck seats, jump van seats, conversion van seats, and much more.


High-back seats can relieve back strain during long hours of driving, also providing lumbar support and neck protection. A model with dual arms, such as the LTD High Back Universal Seat, offers the support of heavy-duty springs and the comfort of vinyl. It is suited for trucks, vans, delivery trucks, buses, and other vehicles, and even for industrial equipment.


We also offer a floor-mounted flip-up jump seat with a two-point seat belt. It has adjustable legs but leaves no gap between the seat and back cushion when folded up. In its folding position, the seat is less than 9” deep. If convenient seats for vans are what you’re looking for, we offer a shield step van seat with head and neck support, dynamic impact absorption, and a back that automatically reclines when one lowers the cushion.


Jump seats for vans are available in many different styles, in cloth and vinyl. If you’re looking for a simple, wall-mounted seat or one with a mid- or high-back design, Suburban Seating & Safety has what you need. You may find the comfort of thick molded foam and seat cushion insulators or the ease of mounting and adjustability of a Shield Reclining Step Van Driver Seat. If the ergonomic design of LTD seats appeals to you, we carry several universal models that can serve equally well as custom van seats.


Whether you require conversion van seats or cargo van seats, our inventory is fully stocked. Seats with no arms, a single arm, or dual arms are available, as are vinyl or cloth models and seats in black, gray, brown, or unique patterns. Mounting brackets, slide rails, and pedestals are available as well, so your installation needs are met.


Our van seats are built by the top manufacturers in the seating industry and come in a range of styles, as well as features to fit your specific application. Contact our professional seating team with any questions you may have. Your satisfaction is paramount to us, and we are always here to help. Browse our products below and call us today.


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