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Suburban Seating & Safety has been the truck seating expert for three generations and is a proud distributor of the Sears Seating truck seats, forklift seats, and off-road seats in general. We have worked hard to bring you an extensive variety of in-stock seats that ship the same day so you can stay comfortable on the road. 


Upon entering the market, Sears had a reputation for supplying technologically advanced products that offered unparalleled comfort and durability. These qualities became the hallmark of a Sears seat, making Sears a leader in the off-road seating industry. Today, Sears Manufacturing Company is a leading manufacturer of suspension and non-suspension seating for agricultural, construction, and material handling equipment and on-the-road trucks.


Sears has been manufacturing seats for construction, agricultural, and material handling applications since 1855 and expanded its seat production business in 1947. Its first mechanical suspension seat for agricultural vehicles was introduced in 1965, and it expanded into the heavy-duty truck seating market in 1981.


Forklift operators spend long hours on the job. Proper support and vibration dampening help them be more productive at their work. While air suspensions are sold separately, our universal forklift seats are available with a wide mounting pattern or multiple mounting patterns, depending on the model.


Many are made of durable black vinyl. We offer a Fabrifoam model as well. Our UltraBurban Universal Forklift Replacement Seat has an ergonomic one-piece cushion and features a one-piece stamped steel pan, high back, self-drainage, and protective edge trim—as do some of our other universal replacement forklift seats. Sears seats are built with comfort and safety in mind, so forklift operators can get the job done with a reduced risk of injury.


Choose from our basic seat models or more inclusive designs with all the top features. The selection you make depends on the type of vehicle and operating conditions you expect your operators to work in. Each seat has its own mounting features, so review the description carefully to determine if the particular model suits your application.


Browse our selection of heavy equipment seats and forklift seats and see why so many businesses rely on our safety equipment. Same-day shipping is available for in-stock models, so feel free to add one to your cart and place your order today.


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