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Passenger Bus Seats

Riding in a bus can be an uncomfortable experience for many, due to overcrowding and the hassles of getting on and off the vehicle while other people are trying to accomplish the same feat. What can make the experience even worse is being forced to sit in old, worn-out seats.


Due to heavy use, passenger bus seats can sustain a lot of wear and tear in a surprisingly short window of time—literally hundreds of people might ride in one of these vehicles over a typical day. Our inventory of replacement passenger seats for buses includes a wide variety of models, including high back foldaway bus seats and cloth replacement bus seats. 

These bus seats come with a range of comfortable features, depending on the specific model selected. These features may include deep side bolsters, backrests, wire mesh seat springs, three-point seat belts, high-back seats, flip-up arms, and other design elements. From flip seats to jump seats, our catalog has models for passenger buses, paratransit buses, and shuttle buses. We also have high-quality bus seat slipcovers. Click on the links above for additional information.


Passenger Bus Seats for Various Requirements

The best bus seat is one that offers secure floor mounting and accommodates the passengers you serve. We offer seating styles with 2- or 3-point seat belts that are ADA compliant. All foldaway models meet Federal Motor Vehicle Standards for safety and durability. VIP models offer additional leg support with a retractable footrest, plus an adjustable headrest and a reclining mechanism. Our seating products come in many different designs, styles, and colors to match your requirements for high-quality, safe bus seating in all situations.


Bus Passenger Seating Options from Suburban Seating & Safety

We offer at least 40 different product choices to meet your needs. These include several cloth foldaway bus seats, such as the Double Mid Back BV Foldaway Bus Seat offered in both gray cloth or vinyl, and a Single Mid Back BV model in brown cordura cloth. The polyurethane AM Foldaway Bus Seat is available as a custom order, and it offers adequate lumbar support, hip-to-knee room, and room for luggage or a wheelchair.


A variety of flip-up seats is available as well, and these are suited for passenger buses, school buses, or delivery trucks, depending on the models. Double seats such as the Napoli, ICS, The Diablo, Trieste, and Torino Standard or Torino G are ideal for efficiency, safety, and the comfort of all passengers.


Order Passenger Bus Seats from Suburban Seating & Safety Today!

From flip-up to high back foldaway bus seats, we offer the most extensive array of high-quality choices on the market. Over 60 years of experience and a solid reputation make us the preferred dealer. We are the authorized distributor of choice for major aftermarket truck seating manufacturers, and we serve many truck and bus fleets nationwide. Search for seating options by vehicle type and purchase directly online, or call us at (844) 727-7328 for assistance.


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