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About National Arm Rests

If you have ever driven a vehicle before, you know how annoying it can be without proper truck armrests. National armrests are adjustable with a self-ratchet system to further your comfort and convenience. If you are missing armrests for truck seats or just want to upgrade, we have what you are looking for.


Trimmed in a variety of fabrics and color options, National armrests are designed and built to last. Whether it is style, comfort or functionality, our truck armrests will meet your needs. For an added convenience, consider purchasing one of our “IN STOCK” armrests, marked with a green banner across the corner—these are available for immediate shipping.


How to Choose Replacement Arm Rests from National

Suburban Seating & Safety offers armrests that enable the replacement or addition of armrests to truck seats. These adjustable units enable users to find the optimal position and remain comfortable throughout their journey. They provide an ergonomic solution for our selection of truck seats that already offer the best in comfort.


During a long drive, tension can build up in many parts of the body, including the arms, torso, shoulder, and neck. Armrests for trucks support a driver’s upper torso and reduce the strain and tension on the body. Adjustable height relieves strain on muscles and keeps the elbows bent at the optimal angle—about 90 degrees.


National Arm Rests from Suburban Seats

Whether you are looking for armrests for the left- or right-hand side, we have these in stock. We offer National Armrests in several different colors and materials to match any aftermarket National Seat. Replacement mounting spring clips are also available.


In stock and sale items can be selected and purchased from our secure shopping cart.


Suburban Seating & Safety is a premier supplier of truck, off-highway, bus, marine, and rail seating products. Also, supplying cushions, covers, and parts as well as accessories, we stock armrests for truck seats for any type of vehicle. Order from our catalog today or call us for help at 844-727-7328.


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