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About Mining

For top-notch mining truck seats you can rely on, come to Suburban Seating & Safety. As leaders in industrial seating solutions, we have equipment for a wide range of fields, including the mining sector.


No one who is currently employed in the mining industry needs to be reminded that this is a tough field, and a dangerous one. Therefore, it’s important for mining personnel to be able to utilize nothing but equipment of the highest quality—the job is too risky for substandard gear. This requirement extends to the varied kinds of mining vehicles, as well as the seats inside them. Seats are what we specialize in here at Suburban Seating & Safety, and you will find an extensive selection of them in our online inventory.


Old, worn mining seats aren’t just an eyesore—they’re a potential safety threat. When operating a mining vehicle, the driver may lose control of the vehicle if an unstable seat suddenly throws them off balance. Also, torn-up seats are often uncomfortable to ride in, which increases the likelihood of driver error. These factors can easily add up to disaster for a mining crew.


What all this means to you, as a professional in the mining field, is that you owe it to yourself to make sure that any vehicles that you maintain are outfitted at all times with high-quality seats, like the ones we have here in our inventory. See the links helpfully posted on this page to explore our suspension seats for the mining industry. These are just a small selection from our vast catalog of replacement seats for on- and off-road vehicles of all kinds.


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