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A ferry is a type of merchant vessel that can be found all over the world. Their purpose is to transport people or cargo (such as cars) from one location to another by safely conveying them across a body of water. Ferries provide a highly convenient transportation option for island communities, as well as cities and towns bordering the water.


Some commuters routinely depend on these vessels to get them to the workplace and back. In North America, major ferry services can be found in Washington state, New York City, New Orleans, Vancouver, and the San Francisco Bay area, among other locales.


Ferries come in a variety of types. Their variations in design can be explained by the differing environments in which they must operate, as well as the specific service for which they are used. In this section of our website, we will focus on ferries intended for human passengers.


Because these vessels often carry many people over the course of the day, the seats must be durable enough to bear repeated use. Durability is exactly what you get when you purchase any of the ferry passenger seats available through Suburban Seating & Safety.


Lightweight, yet sturdy, these seats have been specifically designed with the demands of public transportation in mind. Their features, which vary according to the particular seat model selected, may include amenities such as padded inserts, wire mesh seat springs, reclining backrests, and removable covers.


See above for more information on the custom-order seat models we carry. Click on the “Get Quote” button, and we will respond with price information on the ferry passenger seats in which you have shown interest.


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