ISRI Aftermarket 5030 NTS

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About ISRI Aftermarket 5030 NTS

This seat conforms to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards FMVSS 207 & FMVSS 302 in effect on the date of manufacture. It is the responsibility of the installer to ensure that proper seat fastening hardware and seat belt anchorage (seat belt & tether belt system) are used in accordance with FMVSS 207 & FMVSS 210. To achieve compliance with FMVSS 207, use only high-strength fasteners and heavy-duty washers when installing seat assembly.


About ISRI AMT Deluxe & Premium Series Truck Seats

Founded in 1919, ISRINGHAUSEN enjoys a secure reputation as a worldwide leader in the seating system industry, with a variety of products in use across Europe and North America. ISRI seats can be found in countless buses, vans, trucks, trains, and construction vehicles. The company’s list of customers includes prominent names such as Volvo, Ford, and Renault. If you’ve been searching for affordable seating products from this distinguished manufacturer, your search has just ended—you can find a generous selection of high-quality AMT Deluxe & Premium Series ISRI seats right here at

The ISRI AMT series truck seats come in a variety of comfortable, useful features, including shock dampers, automatic height adjustment, dual armrests, suspension bellows, ICP bars, and much more. Their ergonomic design provides maximal comfort for those long road trips. Better yet, these seats are built to last, with a durable construction engineered with today’s travel conditions in mind. Remember to look for the green banner—those products are available for same-day shipping.


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