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About Gra-Mag Select Series

Suburban Seating & Safety is proud to offer the GRA-MAG series of truck seats. These air suspension replacement truck seats for heavy- and medium-duty trucks include adjustable lumbar supports for comfort and over center suspension to reduce driver fatigue. Multi-position adjustments allow users to tilt and move seats forward or backward to find the optimal configuration.


Formed in 1998, GRA-MAG developed a seat system that positions controls in an ergonomic location, taking advantage of Haptic perception. Buttons each have a unique shape and feel so the driver can recognize its function while always keeping their eyes on the road.


We offer an extensive range of GRA-MAG seats. Finding the best and safest seat requires matching the seat size with your truck and drivers’ daily work needs. For long hauls, truck seats with dual armrests, air suspension, and many positioning options are best. Both fixed and stationary custom truck seats are available. Allowing up to six inches of vertical travel, they offer comfort and support during long periods of driving.


Suburban Seating & Safety offers a large inventory of replacement and new truck seats and truck accessories. Our selection of safety equipment and heavy equipment seats includes products from GRA-MAG that improve driver comfort, and which come in various colors to match your style.


Browse this page to find links to the leading GRA-MAG truck seats we carry. Please contact us to learn more about these or other top replacement truck seats and accessories in our catalog.


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