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About Feather Weight Collection

Builders and operators of people-carrying vehicles like buses, shuttles, and paratransit trucks have a difficult job. They need to create a seating diagram which satisfies stringent federal highway safety specifications, provides ample comfort and luxury for passengers on long trips, and includes space for as many people on board as possible.


With these exacting standards in mind, it’s no wonder the replacement seats in the Freedman Feather Weight Collection are regarded as some of the best in the industry. Designed and rigorously tested to provide a practical, low-maintenance solution for transit applications, these seats will keep passengers happy and comfortable while providing years of durable and reliable use.


Less Weight, More Comfort


The seats in the Feather Weight Collection allow transit operators to meet complicated weight restrictions and transport more people in a safe manner. Less weight means more capacity for people and, as such, more potential for profit; by keeping down weight, these seats help operators keep down costs while ramping up efficiency.


That said, there’s no sacrificing comfort or utility in the name of lightness. Freedman replacement seats feature all-steel construction with no wood or plastic, and they come with optional grab rails and flip-up armrests, as well as a variety of colors and patterns to suit your needs. Passengers love the ergonomically enhanced polyurethane back cushioning, which provides durable comfort and lumbar support on long rides.


Experience the Feather Weight Difference


Whether you’re an operator, designer, or fleet manager looking to upgrade, there’s nothing on the market quite like Freedman Feather Weight Collection bus seats. Call and speak to one of our auto seating specialists today at (844) SAS.SEAT to custom order your replacement bus seats.


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