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About Caterpillar

Caterpillar is a well-known brand in the heavy equipment industry. The company manufactures a wide variety of vehicles and machines, including bulldozers, wheel loaders, asphalt pavers, on-highway trucks, cold planers, compactors, and many more. As with any piece of equipment, routine maintenance and service is a must. Proper maintenance involves many different aspects, but there is one component that many people ignore: the seats.


As machinery and equipment are used, the seats start to wear. Uncomfortable seats can make operating the vehicle even harder. At Suburban Seating & Safety, we sell a variety of replacements for Caterpillar seats to keep your employees comfortable and safe.


Best Caterpillar Seat Features


Seats inside of Caterpillar equipment are designed to provide maximum comfort for the operator. These seats offer all sorts of features that protect and support the body. Hours of sitting in a low-quality seat can cause back pain, neck pain, and joint issues. With these seats you can expect:


  • Built-in contoured lumbar and thigh support
  • Patented “Knee Action” Mechanical Suspension
  • Mid-high backrest
  • Infinite-position seat-back angle adjustment
  • Heavy-duty contour comfort cushions


Combined with easy to adjust lock positions, these replacement seats are the top choice for all of your Caterpillar equipment. If you need to replace a seat in a construction vehicle, don’t settle for off-brand options. Ensure you’re receiving a quality and comfortable option with a replacement for Caterpillar seats.


Choosing the Right Seat


Because of the wide range of Caterpillar work vehicles, there are several seats to choose from. Before ordering a seat, consider its size. Each seat has different size dimensions. You want to ensure that the one you purchase fits into the work vehicle, leaving room for the driver to move and turn as needed.


You’ll also want to determine if you require mechanical suspension or an on-road suspension seat. Suspension is an important factor, as it’s what will absorb jolts and vibrations when working in tough terrain. The right suspension will provide optimal comfort and ergonomics.


Replacements for Caterpillar Seats Available at Suburban Seating & Safety


At Suburban Seating & Safety, we provide a variety of comfortable seating replacement options for your Caterpillar machinery and equipment. From heavy equipment seats to on-road suspension seats, we're sure to have the replacement that you need.


Remember, the right seat can boost comfort, which increases productivity while on job sites. Don’t go another day using a worn and uncomfortable seat. Contact one of our product experts at (844) SAS.SEAT to start the ordering process.



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