Bostrom Arm Rests

About Bostrom Arm Rests

Since 1935, Bostrom has manufactured high-quality seating solutions for American truckers. These made-in-the-U.S. products are durable and expertly designed—but nothing lasts forever, and, over time, you may have to replace your Bostrom armrests. When that day arrives, you can find replacement armrests for your Bostrom seats right here at Suburban Seating.


Available in cloth, vinyl, ultra leather, and un-upholstered varieties, these truck armrests can be easily installed in your vehicle, and they’re just as comfortable as the ones that originally came with it. Just select from the list of Bostrom seat replacement armrests listed in the space above. If you need your armrests ASAP, be sure to select from the products with the “IN STOCK” green banner. These armrests for truck seats are just a handful of the world-class seating products available through our site.


Bostrom Arm Rests: Features and Options

Our armrests for trucks are available untrimmed or in any color and material to match aftermarket Bostrom truck seats. These are designed to provide adequate arm support during long hauls and feature an infinitely adjustable design. With the ability to rest their arms, drivers experience less strain on their neck and shoulders, while the truck armrests provide support for the upper torso as well.


Suburban Seating & Safety offers armrests for any Bostrom seat and if you don’t see what you need, other colors and materials can be custom ordered.


We also offer replacement Bostrom armrest hardware parts and a complete installation kit with the bracket and insert, plastic insert clip, shaft, and mounting screw.


The Bostrom armrests for truck seats already come with installation hardware, but there’s no harm in ordering extra parts just in case anything goes missing.


For in-stock items, same-day shipping is available. Suburban Seating & Safety is a leader in seating products, installation components, and accessories for trucks, off-highway equipment, and bus/marine/rail applications. For more details on truck armrests from Bostrom, call 844-727-7328, or place your order online today!


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