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About Airport GSE Seats

Airport personnel rely on Ground Support Equipment (GSE) seats to get around and perform various tasks. Suburban Seating & Safety offers a range of forklift seats to support your airport GSE needs. Suited for forklifts, tug tractors, and other equipment, our line of replacement seats includes safety features such as seat belts, cushioning, and suspension.


For the most in convenience, support, and comfort, look for heavy-duty suspension, easy adjustability, and reclining functions. We also offer adjustable universal seats for basic equipment, including a low back model with manual lumbar adjustment. Tilt and fold models and bench seats are available as well.


Some of our higher-end models include thick molded foam, high backs, and heavy-duty springs. You don’t have to go high profile to get the advantages of suspension, seat belts, and adjustability, as off-road seats include a model with a universal mounting system and low-profile suspension. Available in vinyl and cloth, our heavy equipment seats also include models with multiple mounting patterns and fold and tilt functionality.


Our catalog features some of the best forklift seats from top manufacturers, including Mitsubishi/Caterpillar, Nissan, Toyota, High-Pro, LTD, Seats Inc, and UltraBurban. Seats with dual arms are available. We stock airport GSE seats for a range of applications, which are suited for forklift operations and accommodate other vehicles in your airport ground support fleet.


Whether you need replacement seats or safety equipment such as tether straps, feel free to order directly from our online catalog. For assistance, call us toll-free or submit your inquiry or request online.


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