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The Best Freightliner Truck Seats

Aftermarket semi-truck seats are among the most important considerations to ensure the needs of your fleet drivers. Whether searching for bus, construction vehicle, or commercial truck seats or freightliner truck seats, the goal should be to find high-quality, safe products. At Suburban Seating & Safety, you will find freightliner semi-truck seats designed for ergonomic comfort that can relieve pain, and which have a range of technologies to improve the driving experience.

We offer a wide range of seats, including those from leading brands like Bostrom, National, and Sears. While truck drivers are legally permitted to drive up to 11 hours a day, that is a lot of time sitting in one seat. Our catalog includes high-quality seats with a wide range of standard and custom features, from some of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. They include important elements such as lumbar support, air suspensions, and dampers to reduce driver fatigue and discomfort.

Bostrom Seating

The truck replacement seats we offer include a Bostrom wide ride seat. One example is the Bostrom Wide Ride+Serta® High Back Truck Seat, available in leather or cloth in black, gray, and in multiple color combinations. The seat provides several comfort and technological features that make it stand out:

  • A 23-inch-wide seating surface.
  • Serta® Cool Action™ Gel, which provides support and cooling.
  • Seat heater or heat/ventilation option (only with leather seats).
  • BackCycler® system that inflates/deflates to prevent lumbar pain and stiffness.
  • Isolating scissor suspension with a vibration damper.
  • Optional front and rear cushion tilt and 16-inch long armrests.

National Seating

This leading brand of truck replacement seats includes the Admiral, Admiral CT, Captain, Ensign, and Commodore series. If you drive a Class 6, Class 7, Class 8, or medium-duty truck, you can experience pain relief thanks to the BackCycler® system. The HP Series suspension from National is accompanied by air adjustable side bolsters, while a triple chamber air lumbar provides additional support.

Some other features across the brand include:

  • Adjustable 6 to 23 degree continuous recline.
  • ComforTEK Climate System for heating and cooling.
  • Isolating air suspension.
  • National Capitan High Back with single chamber air lumbar support.
  • Dual adjustable position armrests.
  • Extendable seat cushions.

Sears Seating

The Sears Atlas II Series is well known in the heavy-equipment industry. Ergonomic and versatile, this high-quality seating line incorporates leather upholstery, contoured metal seat pans, and extendable cushions to optimize the driving experience. Various materials are available, including gray cloth and black, black and tan, and black and red leather. The C-2 and Sentry Series are also available, but the Sears Atlas II DLX truck seat, our best seller, offers:

  • 22″-wide seat with built-in back cushions.
  • “Stabilizer” double locking slides with 9″ travel, plus fore/aft isolator.
  • “Comfort Zone” back frame structure.
  • High-back design with quad chamber air lumbar.
  • Tiltable, extendable 3-position integrated seat cushion.
  • Removable 4″ riser (for low profile applications).

Types of Truck Seats We Offer

At Suburban Seating & Safety, our focus is on quality, safety, and ergonomic design while the products we carry use many of the latest technologies to make the driving experience more enjoyable. For truck operators driving 8, 9, 10 or more hours a day, we can provide seats that reduce pain and fatigue while improving your well-being and concentration. These are the types of seats you can find to achieve these goals:

  • Low Profile: The low-profile seats we offer have smaller air suspensions, resulting in a smaller profile for medium-duty trucks, cab-over trucks, and other vehicles with limited room. Options are expanded with adaptors or brackets designed for specific truck models.
  • Standard Profile: Accommodating conventional truck cabs, this represents the most common type of air suspension seat. Most seat bolt patterns are included with this configuration; our team can assist you in finding the right seat and mounting for your truck cab.
  • Medium Duty: Air suspension seating for mid-sized freightliner cabs and heavy-duty pickup trucks. This design expands the range of trucking applications for high-quality seats, and these products have similar options such as isolators, heating, and adjustable lumbar controls.

When you buy an aftermarket truck seat, you want one from a reliable manufacturer with:

  • Adjustable driving positions: The more positions the better, so you can find just the right one.
  • Lumbar support: Reduces back pain and the need for chiropractic services at truck stops.
  • Dual adjustable armrests: Support the neck and upper back muscles by helping reduce pressure, stiffness, and fatigue while improving motor function and body relaxation.
  • Heating system: Warms your body up for winter driving, so a cold truck cabin doesn’t affect your ability to drive safely.
  • Ventilated seats: Sitting all day makes truck drivers sweat, but ventilation systems protect against moisture and bacteria.
  • Integrated massage systems: Vibration helps reduce muscle stiffness during the ride, which boosts driver performance; just a small relaxing effect can greatly improve driving habits.

Leg support is also critical for proper body positioning and reduction of pressure on muscles and blood flow—it also helps reduce exhaustion after long hours of driving.

Why Our Truck Replacement Seats Are the Best

Suburban Seating & Safety offers the best semi-truck seats in regards to quality, comfort, and safety. We also provide the service parts you need, direct from product manufacturers. Drivers no longer need to be distracted by back pain or seats that trap body heat and make them feel uncomfortable.

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Seats and accessories are available from the top manufacturers in the industry. We also offer a range of safety equipment, parts, cushions, and upholstery. Standard same-day shipping is provided for In-stock seats, including premium options and custom models.

We stock the most ergonomic truck replacement seats on the market, which can help prevent injury, reduce downtime, and make sure fleet drivers are protected during long hauls. Place an order online or call 844-727-7328 to learn more.

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