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About Bostrom Talladega T Series

BOSTROM TALLADEGA T915, T914, T910, T910SC, and T905 TRUCK SEATS in Stock

Suburban Seating & Safety is the largest authorized distributor of the Bostrom Talladega T Series truck seats in America. The T Series is especially notable for its Flex Support Cushion System, a feature that reduces cushion compression, which in turn helps relieve driver fatigue. In addition, these seats provide a continuous range of adjustment thanks to Bostrom’s patented ParaBar II manual lumbar adjustment.

We have a variety of T915, T914, T910, and T910SC T Series truck seats in stock. They are available with mordura cloth trim and vinyl trims in various colors, hi backs and mid backs, standard profile and low rider profile, with or without arms. These are heavy-duty truck seats that can be installed inside most Mack trucks, Volvo trucks, Kenworth trucks, Peterbilt trucks, Freightliner trucks, and International trucks.

Look for the Green Ribbon—these are in-stock seats that are available for standard same day shipping. Continental US Shipping rates are posted on each product page. Canada shipments will be calculated. International countries, please contact us to order. We appreciate you keeping America moving!

Don't see the features you need? The Bostrom Talladega T Series is available with several optional features in the following colors & materials. Call us for custom order options.


Standard Bostrom Talladega Features:


  • 9.5” Fore-Aft Track Adjustment
  • Ergonomic 20” Wide Seat Upper
  • Recline Adjustment Set to 21° (can be adjusted for different stop positions)
  • Four Position Front Cushion Tilt Adjustment
  • Flex Support Cushion System
  • Fixed Bolster Support in Back and Cushion


Optional Features:


  • Available with one of the following Talladega Series Suspensions:
    • T-Series Standard Isolating Air Suspension (915/914) with 6” Ride Zone
    • T-Series Low Profile Isolating Air Suspension (910) with 4” Ride Zone
    • T-Series Ultra-Low Profile Isolating Air Suspension (905) with 2.75” Ride Zone
    • T-Series Ultra-Low Profile Isolating Air Suspension (905L) with 1” Ride Zone
  • Available in Mid or Hi Back
  • Available with ParaBar II Manual or Dual Chamber Air Lumbar Support Adjustment
  • Optional Dual 15” Long Adjustable Position Armrests
  • Optional High Profile Riser (910)
  • Optional Dual Dampers (915/914)
  • Optional Suspension Cover (915/914, 910, 905)
  • Optional Self Contained Compressor (905 and 910)
  • Available in the trim options pictured below


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